Garden Maintenance

Northwest Gardening Services can take care of all your gardening needs. We offer a range of garden maintenance services that can be incorporated into your existing gardening schedule or we can perform these as a one-off services. So you can relax knowing your garden is in good hands.

Our regular garden maintenance is an hourly-based service and the experienced gardeners will do as much work as possible for the time they were booked. For instance, the team can keep your grass ever fresh by helping you with lawn mowing, reseeding and watering. The trained specialists can also use petrol-fueled lawn mowers to clip your grass at a suitable height, prune or completely remove trees and bushes that are up to 12 feet high, uproot all weeds in the area, and help you dispose of ivy to protect your home or garden from being damaged. Last, but not least, the gardeners are always willing to provide you with free maintenance advice, based on your garden’s layout and vegetation.