gardening landscaping wigan

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15th March 2017
gardener wigan
24th March 2017

gardening landscaping gardening landscaping wigan

gardening landscaping wigan

gardening landscaping wigan


We are experts in landscape design, helping you plan and visualise your dream garden layout before turning it from concept to creation. From design scope to the landscape gardening process we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Our landscape design service focuses on both integrated master landscape planning as well as the specific garden design, tailor-made to fit a client’s requirements / specifications. Our design team take into account the practical, aesthetic and horticultural aspects of a client’s dream garden.

Our team of landscape designers factor in everything from architectural and geographical aspects of a garden through to surveying, landscaping, and botany and artisan design. In every garden we create, we combine stunning architectural features and symmetry with a colour scheme that complements the property / client requirements.

We collaborate with the owner to reflect his tastes and choices but the owner is clearly in charge of the project. You set the style, budget and theme, as well as what elements and features to incorporate, the materials to use, and the planting that will give your garden character and interest. Our long experience in undertaking a wide range of garden design projects ensures we can deliver to you a professional design service to your satisfaction and a well-managed construction project accomplished in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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