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5th February 2019
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turfing services wigan

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Laying turf in winter

It may come as a surprise to learn that turf can be laid throughout the year – even in winter. In fact, laying turf in winter has its advantages, as there are no long periods of hot, dry weather, which require extra maintenance and watering. The best time to lay turf is in early autumn, when frequent rainfall and moist soil will help it become established.

When is the best time to lay turf?

Laying turf in winter will still give it enough time to root and settle before spring. One of the benefits is that normally, you won’t need to water newly-laid turf in winter, so it’s easier to maintain. The turf rolls will keep longer in damp, cold conditions before they need to be laid – they can be left for up to three days.

Is turf damaged by frost?

Surprisingly, even frost isn’t damaging to the turf. Although it’s not possible to lay turf if the ground’s frozen, once it’s been laid, a sudden frost won’t have a detrimental effect. Even if the turf rolls freeze, they will keep for weeks and can be laid when the frost has thawed.


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